Monday, November 01, 2004

These grey skies and passerbys
whisper sighs and quickly-grasped goodbyes
of the past that wasn't meant to be
that was construct of you to me

But, it is another day and I'm moving along
walking down this street
past the places we never used to meet
And then it's this rendezvous
where the crosswalks signal divergence
where words and hugs exchanged echo resurgence
It breaks away from me and you
it's brief, and passing by
symbolic of us, even goodbye
Though, I wish I was getting it all wrong

And weeks have passed
still I'm here like this
breaking it down
wanting to turn it around
wondering if there was something I missed
But there is no explanation for the powers that be
no reason or answers I can clearly see
why we came together
amidst the grey skies and autumn weather
Yet, I hope that it isn't our last


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