Monday, November 08, 2004

Passing Into The Next by lucasexhibit at

The weight of unspoken words fills the atmosphere
the silence remains unbroken
through motion without sound
You'd rather avoid the question
than have to turn around
and slow down to say a word
Instead the language you use
is rooted in the steps you choose
the places you go
and only what you'd like us to know

The times have changed from then to now
but the markings are there
the signs are evident
is there something you'd like to share?
Still the steps you take
echo the distance you place between friend and foe
and it's what they break
the shards they make
the pieces that fall
tell a different story to all

Perhaps it's best to wait it out
and see where it goes
Let it make its mark
and just leave the endings as "who knows"
So you can walk on by
and pretend to us it's gone and dead
but we'll never know for sure
because it's the bullet in your gun
positioned next to your head


Bree said...

Wow dude. This is really good. Or maybe it's because I'm living it with you? "Who knows?"

We'll see. :P

Thister said...
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Thister said...

Haha! "We'll see." Yes, Indeed.

Quit torturing my ears! They don't like you! GRR!

Thister said...

I get the feeling that no one likes to comment on my poetry posts except Lacey.

Do I scare everyone that much with my poems, or do they leave you speechless?

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