Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Practice Celibacy. No Bush. No Dick!
In case you can't read it, the shirt says: "Practice Celibacy. No Bush. No Dick."

The Horrors of the Impending Election of DOOM!
Yeah, we're cracked out!

A 'normal' picture of us.
We look decent...sort of. XD

Do you want to...?
Fukume. I'm lonely!

Look at my crazy kewl hair!
Lacey did an awesome job, huh? It's crazy kewl!

Screw Redbull (TM)!
Look at my wiiings!!

Me...cracked out. This isn't unusual.
Woo! A great picture of me. Hahah...right.

Lacey looking spaced out!
At least I'm not the only one who's cracked out! ;)

Gazing off into the distance.
Gazing off into the uncertain future...of doom!

There are some more pictures, but I'm not posting all of them. The important point here is that you Practice Celibacy and accept NO BUSH or DICK this year! It's not acceptable! ;)

Lacey will have some of the other pictures on her blog! w00t!

Also, read her "Power Politics Theory" post. It's insightful and interesting. I agree with her on that point. ;)

P.S. Doesn't my new profile pic. rock?! I like it. Screw you ASSWEE, I like my long hair, bitch!


Blue said...

Yeah...and you told me on Sunday that I was cracked out...

I still can't talk.

Thister said...

Well, you are. LOL!

Doesn't my hair look kewl?! I love it like that. I wish I could get it to do that everyday. *sigh* To no avail though XD

carebear said...

hey your hair looks awesome..i like a lot...very cute...
peace sis

Blue said...

You wish you could do that everyday? I hate to say it, but you sound like a woman...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAILOVEYOUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

No, seriously. You sound like something I'd say about my hair everyday. If you start talking to me about pedicures I'M the one who's putting YOU on phone probation! Heheheheh...cackles and then starts coughing b/c of the bronchitis/laryngitis/whatever the hell it is. Someone remind me to go to the dr. on thursday.

Thister said...

Well, you don't have to worry about that... I'm just a narcissist when it comes to my hair. And, you have to admit that it does look pretty damn kewl! Veneliza loves it and almost everyone that's seen it like that, except for ASSWEE and Lindz (friends here), have said that it looked really kewl.

Maybe I should learn how to do that to my hair? LOL! Then I'd really be metro. *sigh*

Bree said...

Dude, I am totally NOT buying you a curling iron for christmas.

I have to draw the line somewhere. Consider it drawn. LOL!

Besides, think of all the curling-iron burns you'll be avoiding? Those things hurt like a mother, and always look like hickies. XD

Thister said...

When did I say I wanted one? XD I just wish my hair would do that naturally. I think that'd be awesome! I must speak to Kari and figure out how to get my hair to do kewl things...

I need my car! XD

Blue said...

Did I say I didn't like it? NOOOOOO I just thought the way you said it was funny.

Ok. Finished my final. Going home and going to bed and not waking up unti Monday...bring on the meds...

Anonymous said...

Hey wayne
It is Steph
I forgot my password on this thingie. I like your hair long like on your profile pic. It is alot different then the gell look you did in high school.

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