Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Moving in with Brad was a bad idea, but against my better judgment I went with it. The rest of us in this apartment went with it. However, thanks to Brad and all his douchery and fucking up this semester, he's planning to move back home because he isn't going to be able to get a loan for next semester. As such he's dropping out of school, moving out of the apartment, and fucking things up in the process.

Thanks for being a procrastinating pot-puffing, selfish asshole, dumbfuck dickwad and telling the rest of the apartment about your decision one week before we can finalize for another roommate. I know I really appreciate it, fucker!

I'll detail more later today...after I get some rest. (Hopefully that relieves the tension and anger. Don't hold you breath though.)


Anonymous said...

What a fuckin fucker. Honestly, that's bullshit. Tell lacey that I got her e-mail... In a utopian chaceland, I would love to go back to BSU.. But it would be academic suicide for my major. --Living with you guys would be fuckin amazing.
he's such an idiot. I called that clear back when I had you come with me to help at the HS tournament last year, and we had to go get his ass out of bed, an hour late. BAH, that is just how he is... fucking lazy.
Sorry to hear about that, just remember that if you need to release tension you can send me an IM and i will make fun of people with you. that always seemed to work. HAHA.

Thister said...

Thanks. LOL! Yeah, I had my doubts, but all of this just proves it now. It fucking sucks. I don't want to move at semester, but I don't want to have two new dumbfuck roommates. I kind of did that after you, Rory, and the evil mylasian fuck left and ended up getting two shitty roommates. I don't want that to happen again. Dude, I'll be IMing you! There's a whole bunch of funny shit about some people here that you need to know. LOL! :D

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