Thursday, December 23, 2004

I wish I could stay in this sort of swing of things. I get 8-9 hours of sleep a night and wake up, naturally and very refreshed, at around 7-9 in the morning. Now most would say that this circadian rhythm is very unusual for me except when at a debate tournament or when I have to go to some appointment. However, I happen to find that when I'm not stressed and not too busy I naturally fall into this circadian rhythm. What's better is that I don't have to drink coffee or coke or anything caffeinated to stay awake. It's all natural (minus the staple of a coke I drink at lunch here). Conversely, at college, I'm always getting to bed late and waking up early after my alarm clocks (yes, I need more than one) beep for the hundredth time. I only get around 5-7 hours of sleep on weekdays and I usually feel that I need coffee to get through the day (which is why I spent roughly 130 dollars at Starbucks this year [damn their godly delicious toffee nut lattes with whipped cream!]).

Sadly, though, I'll be reverting back to the college circadian rhythm when I get back to Idaho. Granted that's about two weeks away, but it's still inevitable. If there were some way to keep this circadian rhythm I think I'd be happier, healthier, have fewer caffeinated expenses, and actually be able to get more work done.

And while the growing consensus will be that I won't be able to, and if and when it fades I'll most assuredly be nagged by Lacey or Barton or both, I still want to try and keep it going this way for as long as possible. I don't know why, but it feels good to be up early and fall asleep at night naturally--to have a full day. I don't think I've really had a single day like this back in Idaho since college started. So, while it might be lame, and even unusual, I'm going to try and keep this circadian rhythm--it's now an item on my New Year's Resolution.

Just a minor note: if my posts appear to be at an unusual time (which really isn't that unusual since I'm usually still awake at this time in Idaho) it's because I'm 8 hours ahead of Idaho time here in Germany.


Blue said...

That means you'll be bright and chipper in the morning! (Did I just say chipper? Who says that?!?!)
yeah, well, this coming from the Ohioan who said yeehaw... I have too many friends w/ family from Kentucky and Tennessee.) Anyway, you sound like my dad. I don't mean for that to sound negative, but he's always like "stop wasting your life away, you sleep too late"...according to him 8:30 is late...

ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!! For your birthday, I'm buying you the highest denomination of gift cards from Starbucks. (and if the highest is 25, I'll buy 4 of that's 100 bucks on you! lol, no more gifts for you! j/k)

Well, I'm glad you made it back safely. Have a Merry Christmas! Say Hi to your family for me! Tell them Merry Christmas for me! Did you get my package yet?

Well, I'm going to bed before I actually lose it entirely and start singing David Bowie's version of The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth at the top of my lungs yet it's 11:00...

one last thing: the moon is out, way high in the sky and the snow looks BLUE!!!!!!!!!!! It's friggin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss you!

Thister said...

Hey! Yeah, I just got your package today. :D

I only read the card ;) *HUGS* That was really sweet. I'm going to call you on Saturday or Sunday. :D

Miss you!

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