Saturday, January 01, 2005

Instead of doing a yearly reflection, list of links, talk of resolutions, etc. typical of most blogs I'm going to simply say "Happy New Year!" and wish everyone well this year.

I enjoyed 2004 for the most part--mainly from May to December* (especially August**), and I'm looking forward to what this year will bring.

May this new year bring you what you ask for.

*Most of you should get this :P
**You know who you are and you know why ;)


Blue said...

Cherish your last week of break! I started school again today...BLECHHHH!!! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my two classes. Tomorrow is gonna be a bear tho. It's flooding here (stupid melted snow and pouring rain) and I've got 15 minutes to cut across campus. If I tunnel it that'll kill me cuz the tunnels hate me (seriously, there's bumps on those floors that I have yet to see for myself, but they always find me lol) Anyway, enjoy your last week of break.

P.S. Every day it's getting closer and closer to April (hehehehe)! You will NEVER live it down.

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