Monday, January 17, 2005

I think, sometimes, I get too serious about debate. Certainly some of my posts on the long dead and not so long ago deleted group blog that consisted mostly of former high school friends would attest to this. I don't know why I get serious either, honestly. I think it's due in part to the fact that everyone, especially myself, wants to be right in a discussion or argument. Perhaps "right" isn't the exact term I'm trying to display though. Maybe justified or assured also fits the depiction, I'm not sure though.

Regardless, I think I get too serious in rounds--even when they are only for practice. Even the most minor of things like the slamming of a fist on a desk will potentially set me off, and, sure, in some way it is understandable. And for reasons unbeknownst to me, I think that sometimes those minor things just hit a nerve. It's not like I "lose it" or go psycho when a nerve is struck, not at all. It's more of an emotional thing, like being told that your pet just died or having a friend tell you that they think what you said was stupid. It's a psychological plucking of a thin string that is usually in tune suddenly sounding off tune--not snapping.

The effect of attachment and seriousness.

For as overwhelming as it can be, it has, at least, allowed me to think a bit more about my actions in response to it. At least, now, I realize that I need to relax more and take a step back every now and then, maybe even laugh at the whole scenario and then just move on. Today, especially.