Wednesday, January 26, 2005

As I've already noted, I've been trying to do my Calculus homework bit-by-bit before it is due. I figure if I do bits of it before it's due and finish it, I won't have to do it all in one night and depressed (seriously) about the ridiculous amount of time it takes me to complete a single homework assignment. However, it would appear that my efforts are in vain. This week my professor has posted the homework assignment in fragments. Each time I think I'm on task or ahead, I refresh her homework assignment webpage and realize I have 20 or 35 more problems to do. And while I don't mind doing the homework as it actually builds understanding of the material we discuss in class and Calculus on the whole, I'm upset with the fact that all of it has to be turned in on Monday.

Now, I'm not slacking off or saying that my Calculus professor needs to give the class more time on the assignments--personally I think a week is great. However, this week it is surely going to be a tragedy. The homework is still do on Monday, as always, but I won't be here. This weekend, starting on Thursday and running through Sunday, I'll be at a debate tournament in Oregon. Furthermore, I won't be getting back to campus until late Monday afternoon, thereby leaving me with little time to actually complete the homework during this weekend.

So, I asked the professor about turning the homework in and she said I need to turn it on Monday--even if I slip it under her office door. It needs to be in her office on Tuesday morning so that her grader can pick it up and grade it, but it can't be delivered any later or it won't be counted.

Essentially, I have to finish the homework this weekend somehow or miss the assignment and lose a fraction of my grade. It just goes to show that every time I think I'm ahead in one thing or another, I'm only falling further behind by the minute.


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