Monday, January 24, 2005

The Sims 2For approximately four and a half hours today, I played EA Games': The Sims 2. While that could be classified as mildly obsessive, I assure you what I did next certainly attributes to the fact that I have a lot of time on my hands.

After installing the game and finally figuring out how to get the cheat codes to work (because what's the point in playing God if you can't completely be God?), I made a "family" of four people. Actually, they're not a family. More like a group of friends living together in an apartment. Each one looks similar to the actual person it was modeled after. Yeah, that's right, I put Lacey, Barton, Bunya, and myself into the game and even built a house that looks kind of like the apartment. I played the game through that house (a long time ago) for a few hours and then decided to make each one of these characters have a significant other. Everyone's significant other is fairly normal, per se, except for Barton's. Barton's girlfriend is a black hoochie mama named Latifah Elliot with the romance aspiration (Those of you that know Barton will get this). Since Lacey was so intrigued with the game (especially after all those communication analysis' on the game that said it was ethnocentric and whatever else) she decided to custom make her own boyfriend. Personally I think he kind of looks like Clark Kent from Smallville, but that's just me.

As for my girlfriend wife, Rebecca, I made her so that she doesn't really look like anyone I know. I don't like to assume anything or jump the gun. Though, oddly enough, I think she kind of looks like a short-haired blonde Kirstin Dunst. And yeah, in those four hours today I managed to make my Sim dude get married and have a kid.

Now that's obsessive and strange, huh?

Don't worry, I know it's not real. After all, I'm not like my old roommate Peter who insisted that his online character in Diablo II was closely matched to him in almost every way possible. He also had an online girlfriend who he talked to every night...with his hand. Now that's delusional and obsessive.


chace said...

that is great, you should take a screen shot and upload it!... hah..
wayne. you need to convince your woman of a roommate to buy a LOVESAC ( for the dorm. i am getting one for my birthday and am totally stoked.

Bree said...


I know this because I saw a commercial for Smallville and my Sim BF does not look at THING like that guy. I think the only similarity is that they're both male.

Besides, I had to sit through like, 12 CA's on the Sim's last year, not to mention the three Masters/Ph.D. defenses on it and Neverwinter Knights. It's just cool to actually see the game after all this time and politically charged blather about how it entrenches racism/gender stereotypes/capitalism/competition/materialism/etc. XD

Thister said...

Uh, yeah, he does look like Clark from Smallville the only real difference is that he has glasses and he's wearing a suit. Which, given the game's clothing designs, is totally understandable.

Regardless, I know you didn't model him after Clark Kent. It is funny, however, that he resembles him. Maybe Latifah Elliot should make him number 5 on her list. Poor Barton Roomie, he has no idea his wife is the town bicycle. Hahah.

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