Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm starting to think that I have a horrible "near-shitting of bricks" pet peeve with the kitchen and living room remaining clean. During the past two Thursday's I've found myself cleaning the kitchen and living room (with the help of Lacey on the first Thursday) because the apartment stinks like moldy ass. I'm not sure if it is the food being cooked, the trash, or the pile-up of pots, pans, and dishes on the stove and counter, but it bugs the shit out of me. I HATE having to take a whiff of the odor each time I return to the apartment. And sure, I'm probably being an ass when I'm slamming doors as I'm cleaning because (besides Lacey) no one else really cleans the kitchen or living room. And while I have assumptions as to why that is, I'm sure it's not really important. I just want the apartment (especially the common areas) to be clean and odor free, as best as possible.

That's not too much to ask, is it?


Blue said...

First is first: is the living room like, right next to the kitchen? First, clean up the pots and pans. That's the first thing. If it's piled up, you KNOW it's not clean! That comes first. Then, do yourself a favor and clean off the stove. That's part of it, I'll bet. Clean out the microwave. Then take out the trash. Last thing to do is spray with LYSOL disinfectant (buy the big can) the scent I recommend is Linen Fresh. It smells good. Once you clean up the pots and pans (WASH THEM OUT) and take out every single bit of trash in the apt. it should work out. REMEMBER: LYSOL. Oh, and if you could: vacuum.

Here's a better idea: hire me to clean out your apartment. LOL!

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