Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I've come to a conclusion about my work situation. I finally know what I'm going to do after some intense thought and reassessment of the situation. It's been hectic, but I finally know that I need to do what's best for me.

I'm going to quit one of the jobs later this week.

I feel kind of bad for quitting this job, but I know that I won't have enough time for myself if I stay. They want to work me too much (especially when I'm in summer classes), and being overworked just doesn't bode well with me. At least not when I'm in classes at college. When I'm in the real world, sure, I guess that's typical. (Haha! I wouldn't know for sure.) While the work experience at said job would've been "stellar" on a resume or a college application in comparison to my main job, I'll sacrifice it. I rather prefer the bonhomie of my older job, my awesome boss, my relaxed co-workers and the overall flexibility therein. Besides, there is time enough in the future to get experience that will help my work experience burgeon even more.

Where I go from here is, well, back to where I was. I resign at one job and keep the one I've had all along. I'll probably see an accretion in my hours at the older job as I'll be training up to fix things and manage the database. It's not as expansive a burgeoning, but it's a new challenge just the same. And it is right in my technology league! Me and my crazy computer skills! I know it's something I'm fully capable of without feeling stressed or overworked. That's how it should be. Simple as it should be for the summer and the rest of my time here at this institution.


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