Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm starting to think that I've made some unwise decisions regarding my work over the summer. Usually I wouldn't write about this, especially on here, but I need some sort of outlet that allows me to reflect. This is all I have. Besides, it not like I'm going to divulge any specifics.

Balancing two jobs has been tougher than I originally thought it would be. On one hand it's been nice to have full days of work with great pay and new experiences. On the other hand, it's been difficult to adjust to because of all the scheduling involved. I've readjusted my schedules at both jobs and it has been somewhat hectic. In the process of adjusting and readjusting, things have become complicated. Moreover, I've started to notice some conflicts on the horizon. Namely, one big conflict between my summer class schedule and one of my work schedules. I don't think I can work one of my jobs in conjunction with my summer classes.

So, I have a few options in this tug o' war. Right now I'm setting up a few meetings to figure out what I should do in the hopes that I'll make the best decision for me. Still, I can't shake the feeling that almost everything work-related is starting to crumble beneath me.


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