Friday, June 23, 2006

Apparently getting an alternator repaired is harder than it seems. While making phone calls this morning I found out that most of the places I want to take my car are considerably busy. On top of that, some of them want to run extra tests to make sure that it's not just my alternator. Which, of course, is good business if you want the preventative care package. However, I can't afford that. I'm a broke college student who has basically been scrounging around for real food, eating ramen since the summer started, and struggling to pay my bills which aren't that expensive. What's worse is the fact that I can't get a hold of my parents to help forward some money because they're on vacation. Which is probably good for them in some ways! Still, it's been stressful for me because I can't do much without my car in this area. I suppose I could ask my brother to drive me to certain places I need to go to, but that's lame. Besides, my brother is hardly ever home.

*Sigh* I'll just have to get over it. Perhaps when my parents return from their vacation I'll be able to get my car repaired with alacrity. Until then I'm going to have to be creative with food and transportation. I think I need to buy a bike!


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