Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nancy and I met up again today to discuss our progress with the GRE. Thankfully we've both improved since the last practice exam two weeks ago. As we went through the verbal section I noticed that my scores greatly increased in comparison to the last test. Instead of missing less than half, I only missed 1/6 of the problems (only five problems out of thirty). When Nancy and I discussed the ones that we missed in this section we came to the conclusion that we were, usually, close to the right answer. I usually had it down to two answers and chose the wrong one due to certain notions about the question at hand. Regardless, it's good to know I've improved. It's also good to have Nancy there to help me out with the verbal items that I do not know as well as she does.

Nancy and I struggled in the math section this week. While I originally planned to have both sections of the test done for this meeting, I didn't. I had finished all of the verbal section, but I only did 12 problems of the 28 from the quantitative section. I think problem 11 just threw me off of the rest of the math section. Regardless, I did fairly well on the problems I attempted. Nancy also did well and has progressed in this section since our last meeting. However, we both came to the conclusion that the math section might be slightly detrimental if we don't learn to manage our time properly while moving through it. As such, I plan to have everything done for our next meeting in two weeks. I'll worry about my timing on the test during our fourth meeting.

Overall, I think Nancy and I are moving along swimmingly through the GRE study sessions. Whether or not we will be prepared to take it in August or September remains to be seen, but as of right now I'm feeling pretty confident in taking it within that time frame.


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