Thursday, June 22, 2006

What a great effort by the Czechs against Italy. I watched, hoping and praying for the Czechs to pull through, but to no avail. They played well, but it was like something was missing. They had the drive and the power, but they seemed to lack the energy. Indeed, most of the team seemed to be in lassitude, struggling to make it through the game while putting their best feet forward. It's unfortunate to see the Czechs not advance and even more unfortunate to see USA move forward due to this technicality. Don't get me wrong, I like the US, but they don't deserve this as much as the Czechs. Hopefully when the Czech Republic returns two years from now, minus Pavel Nedvěd, they'll having a fighting chance and a ferocity to pull through to the semi-finals. Now, my hopes rest in no particular team. Though, I would like to see my German friends advance even further; however, it is unlikely they will get very far.

Update: Go Croatia. What an awesome goal kick! I'm cheering for the little guy, again!


Bree said...

I thought Czech related puns weren't allowed? O_o Speaking of which, I found a whole blog called "Czeching in from Prague" yesterday on the blogger homepage. I'm not the only one! haha!

Hope you're having a good day.

Thister said...

HAHAH! You know, I knew you'd say something about this since you're the "Queen of Puns." However, because I am a fourth generation Czech it is ok for me to use "Czech" in that manner. ;) Truth be told, I wanted to title it something else, but this seemed more appliable. Maybe I'll change it, though.

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