Monday, September 26, 2005

This weekend's tournament went very well, much to the surprise of many on the team. Though, I have to say that once most of us got into rounds, I think we realized that we were more prepared than we thought we were. That realization alone, I think, propelled many of us to do better. In the end our team took 1st place at the tournament with almost every team member taking home at least one award. I took home 3rd in CA and 3rd in Impromptu Speaking (which was especially great because I won every round with the number one speaker and only lost out on second by 2 points and first by 3 points).

Aside from that, though, things were different. I never realized how much I relied on Lacey being around as someone to talk to be about anything, to joke with, complain to, and, when things were going bad, to hug. I know that sounds kind of lame, but when you're on trips like this and things aren't going well, at least in my case, you need someone there to let you know that things are going to be okay. That you're probably just being to hard on yourself or just taking things way to seriously. I didn't have that this weekend though, and while it turned out well it was strange. I think the weirdest and "toughest" time was during the awards ceremony, the time Lacey and I usually listen to "The First Single (You Know Me)" by The Format because it's "our song" and it's so much better than listening to Queen in the Auditorium. Instead, the awards ceremony was kind of dull. Sure, it was great to be awarded those three awards, but it didn't feel as good or rewarding as it has been before. Such is the changing dynamic of the team, though.

After I got back this weekend I did as I said I would before: crashed. It was great too. I don't think I've had 11 hours of non-stop sleep in a LONG time. It's just what I needed too. After being so busy, the downtime to chill out and tune into "The Housewhores" was what I needed. (Bree Van De Kamp is hilarious but utterly crazy.)


Bree said...

AWWW! You really DO like me (some of the time)! XD

And Bree Van De Kamp is a nutter...and I'm still not a fan of sharing a hair color and name with a nutter. O_o

Thister said...

LOL! You have to see the rest of the show to know who she really is. :P

But, yeah, I missed you ;)

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