Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Every one has one (or has had one) of them in their class. That one person who seems ever so inquisitive, so interested. Peaked by everything they hear and see, they yearn for more and, as such, ask questions incessantly.

Today's episode centers on my Abnormal Psychology class, which I have found fascinating over the last couple of weeks. Now that we are talking about mood disorders, specifically Bipolar I and Bipolar II, the class seems to be in full attendance with almost everyone enjoying themselves. Except for, of course, having to wake up and attend class during the early hours of the morning (i.e. anything before noon [seriously]). Class was excellent today. Not only did we watch a video of a diagnosed Bipolar I patient, but we also got to field many questions to our professor. Of which, QUESTION MAN, fielded the most. Not only did he not stop at three, but he went on to ask a record six questions during this class--much to our dismay.

Thank you QUESTION MAN, you make class so much fun by diverting from the original plan!


bardot said...

was this "question man" older than most college students? i've noticed that many of the totally inquisitive (and super annoying) question-askers were older, like they are part of the continuing education program at the college.

part of the lab i work at is researching depression and bipolar(ity?)- seeing the different genes expressed in the brains of suicide patients.

fun stuff!

Thister said...

Actually, yes, he is an older man. He's a nice guy too, but his questions do get annoying indeed. He asked about the difference between manic and hypomanic; a descrpition of "grandiose behavior" while manic; the youngest age for bipolar in children; misdiagnosis with borderline (for females); misdiagnosis with ADHD (for children); and if Bipoloar could be found in co-moridium with other mental disorders (to which our Professor talked about Schzio-affective disorder).

That's interesting work, actually. Our professor was talking about similar studies she has worked on, specifically with depression in alcoholics and links in genetics. Her main focus was working with mood disorders, so I'm sure we'll hear more interesting stories about her expereinces soon. Fun stuff indeed!

Bree said...


That fits a little too closely with the song from the Trojan commercials. XD

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