Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Although debate practice turned out to be almost an entire waste, with exception to the great Impromptu practice brought on by Lacey, today still managed to turn out to be a good day.

After practice was over, Chad, Lacey, and I decided to go to Quizno's because it sounded good. We each ate and talked about everything under the sun for about an hour when we were approached by one of the Vocalists from Darci Cash (You can hear their music by clicking this link). Her name was Ashley Powell, and she was totally cool. She said she approached us because we looked like the kind of people that listen to indie music and she was curious if we'd be interested in listening to their band. I know I wasn't going to pass up the chance to hear their music, so I obliged as did Lacey and Chad. While listening to their music, Ashley told us that she and the band had been traveling, where they had been, and all the cool and crazy things that go along with it. I kept thinking how cool but chaotic it must be to be in a band. She was an awesome person to chat with: confident, kind, and personable. What's even more cool is that they'll be back in Boise on November 1st performing at my college. Had I had money on me, I would've bought the CD but I hardly ever carry cash. I'm a debit/credit person. Lacey bought their CD though, and I'll buy one for sure at their show in Boise on our campus. They really do have a great sound. It's like Straylight Run meets Death Cab For Cutie. Rock out! I wish them the best of luck!

And if Ashley ever reads this, though I doubt she will, thanks for being so cool. It was nice meeting you. Good luck to you and the band, again!


rainydayinmay said...

they are great, well the little bit i got to hear... i have decided to order their cd since they are only touring to the cool places and have left the midwest off their agenda...
thanks for the intro!

Thister said...

Hey, no problem! I'm glad to hear that someone else likes them! I think they're good. I especially like the song "My Faithful Cynic." :)

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