Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Artist: The January Taxi
Song: The Hellos
Album: Keep Quiet, They Might Hear Us

You're one of a kind
You're special, be gone with you
I'm doing something else right now

Obviously we're just wasted and weak in the knees
The hellos, they hurt all the way down
Once in a while I like to look to the wild blue yonder and pray
You're not as lonely as the rest of us
We're going down, down, down

The emotional radio keeps changing its tune
but don't touch that dial cuz' its bound to come soon
The doors keep on swinging to new ways of dreaming
and I tried, I tried
but your element of surprise keeps on waking me up
for an unwanted goodbye

I'm one of a kind
I'm special, will you play with me?
Are you in something else right now?

I'll happily be just wasted and weak in the knees
The hellos, I feel them all the way down
All the way down