Saturday, September 10, 2005

I don't think God is punishing me, but recently I have found it slightly odd that I've gotten sick so easily. It started with my departure from Germany to Idaho where I had a beyond mild (more like sickly severe) "bout" with food poisoning. After about two weeks, though, it cleared up and everything was going well again.

Or so I thought.

Sore Throat MicrobeThis weekend I managed to contract some weird throat and stomach attack on the immune system. I don't think it's bad, but when I was drinking water after having some green tea to soothe my throat, my stomach felt nauseous. So now I'm kind of afraid to eat or drink anything for fear it could be some crazy sickness or food poisoning similar to what I had before. Dear God, I hope not!

So far, I'm hoping that things will get better. It really is not the end of the world, but getting sick totally sucks. Hopefully it's just a mild one-to-two day cold.

UPDATE: I am now on the "TEA IV" as I like to call it. Basically it is as it sounds: drinking lots of "Lesbo" Lemon Zinger Tea to soothe the throat. Joy. At least it feels like it's all getting better.


Bree said...

Who knew that having a sore throat could be so fuzzy and cute? XD

Seriously though, I hope you feel better. Maybe your sore throat and my ulcer could hang out sometime, eh? lol

rainydayinmay said...

it must be something going around. my sister lives in boise and i just got off the phone with her, she, her husband and her son all have almost exactly what you discribed... she blamed it on weather changes but idaho weather doesn't usually change as drastically as in a lot of other places....

feel better, keep drinking tea above all else. when your throat can handle the sting of 100% or fresh squeezed OJ, try that....

Zucchini said...

Not too much OJ! It'll give you diarrhea. =P

Thister said...

Haha! If only. Ulcers and sore throats don't mix.

Misty-Yeah, it's strange. It's gone away, sort of. Apparently it goes away about mid-day/night and then flare back up before I go to bed. Ugh. Must drink waters and teas. :P

V-Yeah, LOL! I wouldn't want to deal with that stuff...not fun.

Thister said...

LEMON "LESBO" TEA! It's the cure! :D

And by LEMON "LESBO" TEA, I mean Celestial Season's Lemon Zinger Tea.

Ah, funny times.

Bree said...

I was really tempted to try to get you to ask an employee where the Lesbo tea was located...can you imagine the reaction? It would be better than the guy in Tacoma who thought you were pregnant! XD

Fun times indeed.

Thister said...

LOL! Dude, you should've done that. I bet you it would've been hilarious. They probably would've kicked us out of the store though.

Gotta love the "LESBO" Lemon Tea. :)

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