Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've been in a hectic cycle with narrowing walls. All my time, motivation, and energy are being devoted to each thing in their own time with me pushing everything through the narrows walls where everything is slowed, congested, and nearly stalled. The narrowest point in the walls, of course, are this weekend's upcoming tournament. I'm not worried or nervous about the tournament, nor my homework or other items to take care of before I leave. I'm just exhausted. I've been so busy and totally wrapped around this cycle (going to classes early, lunch, work, class, homework that keeps me up into the late night; repeat) that I'm feeling like I need to crash.

I'm not saying I want things to stop or go in to some crazy hiatus. I just want to breakdown for a while and go of everything--actually have some leisure time. Time that I've wanted for the last two to three weeks, but haven't really gotten. I can't crash now, though. I have so much to do and so little time that it would be detrimental to attempt it. And, in truth, most of my friends are also in a similar cycle (one with an LSAT test coming up, one with work, and others with course work to keep them severely busy and borderline crazy), so I wouldn't (and will not) be able to hang with them too much.

I know I'll be able to crash soon enough, though. And when I do I plan on playing video games, watching television (and, yes, that includes watching Desperate Housewives. I can admit it. I like it, especially Eva Longoria!), and SLEEPING for hours on end in a cool darkened room without any interruptions or alarms.

Soon enough, soon enough!


Zucchini said...

Holy shit I want to crash, toooo! I cannot think of a time where I went to bed before 11 (usually it's been past midnight... which is really unusual with me)... So much homework and too many club meetings and spending time making new layouts for those clubs! I am now in charge of like, 7 websites (only one of which I get paid for) mostly by my own fault.

I'm also TAing for Orgo I, which is fun, but daaaamn, they ask a lot of questions! XD

Thister said...

Holy shit! You're uber-busy! I'm busy, but it's because of all this reading I have to do, then I have speech to top it off, and, finally, I have club things to take care of as well (but only two clubs, not seven [Holy JEEBUS what are you thinking?!?! XD]) so it gets a little hectic. I doubt it is as hectic as your schedule is though.

TAing is fun, but yeah, it can be crazy too. Hopefully it all works out for you. I'm sure it will. As soon as I'm not so busy, we can "reboot" paper note or [pn] as I'm now calling it. Yes, P-N hahaha! Get it? God, yeah, you can see I've gone off the deep end. XD

Anyway, we'll catch back up soon! I miss talking to you! I'll be free after the tournament this weekend.

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