Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm starting to think that my weekends are nothing but awash. I plan out what I'm going to do, but somehow I never meet my goals. This weekend in particular was disturbed by my brother who, on two occasions, decided that his schedule came before mine. Needless to say, whatever I was working on or planned to work on got thrown on the back burner so I could drop him off, pick him up, move my car, let him borrow my car, and buy things for him.

Honestly, my brother is a good guy, but at the age of 23 he apparently has not learned how to have concern for anyone else but himself. For all the time I lost this weekend, especially to these stupid excursions, he offered to "pay me back" in money as if it can simply make up for lost time or time not well spent.

Perhaps I'm getting to ranty, maybe even egotistical to some in thinking my time is worth so much. I know it's not. I'm just worried. I'm worried that with each passing minute I'm falling further and further behind with failure creeping up to consume me. My classes aren't the problem, though. I'm ahead in almost all of them. I'm just not where I should be or would like to be in my speeches. And that, my friends, is failure to me.


Bree said...

Have you tried hiding in the library? I've been haunting the one out here as an escape from those who devour time...maybe it could work for you too?

Cheer up, emo kid! I heart ya! :)

Thister said...

No, I haven't. I doubt I would be WAY better off there. Though, I would be a little more productive due to the lack of distractions there. Still, there is no gaurantee that I'd escape my brother there unless I turned off my cell phone. And, as unimportant as his conversations have been with me as of late, I'd like to keep my phone on so that people can get a hold of me if they need to.

You're right though. Maybe that's what I'll do after Speech tomorrow. Hopefully I can escape early and not have to be there the WHOLE time. It's going to be lame, I can already tell.

I'm trying to cheer up, I am.

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