Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Brandi and Lewis

Today our family's beloved dog, Brandi, passed away. My sister was at her side, petting her and talking to her in her final moments, letting her know that our family loved her and that if it was her time that we'd all miss her. And with that, she passed away.

No doubt, it is always sad to lose a pet. Even now as I type this up I'm flooded with all the good and bad times with Brandi, and, of course, tears. The days she used to run wild after cats and birds in the yard, or how she always used to love to chase butterflies, though she could never catch them or get to them. Even as she aged, she would still express this vigor towards the cats, birds, and butterflies that came through our yard. Running to the back door, barking, wanting to be let loose in her old age to rid her space of "the intruders." For, even though her body was old, her spirit was young and full of that drive and vigor she held in her youth. She always expressed it at one point or another, reminding us that she still had that kick, that spark of life.

So, that's how I'll always remember her: chasing after those butterflies--happy, full of life, loved, and part of the family.

I'll miss you Brandi, especially when I return home and I know you won't be there to come to the door, gingerly waging your tail in your excitement and age. You'll still be there in some way though. In thoughts, and always as family. I love you.


rainydayinmay said...

i am so sorry.... i love my dog and can not even imagine the loss of her. my heart hurt so much while reading this and for a moment i shared in your tears. It's a beautiful photo acompanied by a beautiful post...

Blue said...

I'm so sorry! Brandi was such a good dog! Now, she'll be able to catch all the butterflies she wants.

Thister said...

Thanks. It has been a little hard, mainly because I wasn't there to say goodbye. Even though I know that I was able to say goodbye before I left Germany, it isn't the same. Like I said, though, in many ways she'll still be there. The truth about pets, as my good friend Lacey reminded me, is that they enrich our lives by being there for us through good and bad (even if they have no clue what is going on in our life). They're just excited to know they are loved and cared for, and that you can feed them, of course! Espeically cats and dogs, who are most responsive to you. She also noted that it is the value of their life and also how they affect your life in turn that matters most. After all, they are only here for a short time in comparison to the lives we lead. While letting go is hard, it is inevitable. The memories, though, they never go away.

Thanks too! Yes, she was. She was less rambuncious than Lewis is, and always welcoming to strangers and friends alike. She also was the only dog we've been able to teach tricks. LOL! But yeah, I agree, now she'll be able to chase after all those butterflies and try to catch them.

Bree said...

wow, dude. I seriously think you said that better than I did!

And probably did it without crying. I'm such a bawl-calf about stuff like this... :)

I hope you're feeling better, btw. I sent that CA stuff to you, but let me know if you don't understand what I was trying to type. See you thursday!

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