Sunday, May 21, 2006

This has been such a fun weekend. Usually my weekends and days in Germany are spent with my family as almost all of my high school friends have left the area. This weekend, however, was a blast. On Friday I hung out with Nancy, Glenn, Miles, and Chloe. We had a great amount of fun. I've played pool before, but I actually learned how to play it better that night. After a few games I finally scored the winning shot by placing the eight ball in the right corner pocket! Haha! Yeah, go me.

Tonight was fun. My friend Courtney called up and invited me to hang out for a backyard BBQ. We played a bunch of games and talked an awful lot. I originally thought that I was garrulous, but I think Courtney takes the title on that one. From the moment I arrived at her house until the moment I left, her yapper' was blabbing non-stop. It was good though. We all had a lot of fun and we planned out some fun activities for the summer that I'm totally looking forward to! We plan to camp, float the local river, have another BBQ, etc. Things that I wish I could've done in Germany with my old friends from HS that had long since departed.

Part of me thinks that I should've been studying the GRE more this weekend, but I figured it was ok to slack off just a little. One weekend isn't going to hurt when I've studied since the beginning of April. Right?

Anyway, I need to get some sleep and get ready for my GRE meeting with Nancy tomorrow. She's probably ahead of me now. At least I had some crazy good fun with great friends! (I'm totally in their debt too.)


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