Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've been planning out things to cook for the happenings next week. I have a backyard banquet coming up for debate and some graduation parties to attend. For the banquet I was planning on making a forra salad with tomato and herbs and a delicious panna cotta for dessert. Yeah, I'm trying to impress the debate team. I know you're probably thinking, Jeez! You've got to be the lamest person I know! Seriously though, don't those dishes sound good?

For my friend's graduation party we're supposed to bring some food dish as well. The basics will be supplied, so I thought I'd make my famous buffalo chicken pizza. Yum.

So tell me something. Ladies, does a man that can cook impress you?

Maybe this is a question best suited for


Bree said...

Hey now! Stop soliciting girl attention! XD Your girlfriend reads this blog! haha

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