Thursday, May 04, 2006

From the "I" section of my GRE vocabulary book: Impasse, Impetuous, Impugn, Inimical, Intransigent, and Itinerant.

I didn't realize that there were so many great words that started with "I." These are just some of my favorites from review.

Impasse (noun) - blocked pathway; a dilemma with no solution.

He realized that his research paper had become a bit of an impasse given the elevated expectations. At least, it certainly seemed that way.

Impetuous (adj.) - quick to act without thinking

In an impetuous fashion Jaime shouted imprecations at the driver that cut her off in traffic.

Impugn (verb) - the call into question; to attack verbally

When Ben didn't make it home on time his mother impugned his whereabouts and his actions.

Inimical (adj.) - hostile, unfriendly.

Ever since Anne and Matt's argument they have been on inimical terms.

Intransigent (adj.) - unforgiving, refusing to be reconciled.

The professor maintained an instransigent schedule that engendered great stress in the students as they tried to finish their assignments on time.

Itinerant (adj.) - wandering from place to place, unsettled.

As a child of a military service member he was used to an itinerant lifestyle having moved from country to country.


Bree said...

I see that you are intrinsically involved in your interest of the ipsissimis verbis study of the GRE by the inventory of our initial introduction of the I's. Indeed, your intent is imminently inspired by the intellectual intensity as part of your impending interrogation by the intricately constructed examination you have incurred for your future as an instructor of inexperienced undergraduates. XD

Thister said...

XD Touche.

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