Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nancy and I compared answers on our first GRE practice test today, finding it more difficult in certain sections than we originally thought. Naturally I figured Nancy would do better in the Verbal section than myself. This assumption largely held true. After going through the 72 questions, Nancy had a very small percentage wrong. I, however, had a little less than half wrong. If this were the actual GRE I would've bombed the verbal section, there's no doubting that! Thankfully, as Nancy reminded me, it's only the first of many practice exams we will be taking together. In other words, it's ok that I'm not talented enough to take the GRE right now. I better be by August or September though!

Conversely, the math section played to my forte. When going though the problems I found that I was able to do them fairly well, stretching back to previous math classes to complete the problems. However, I spent way too much time on most of the problems. Nancy did well in this section too, as to be expected! She either had the right answer or she was usually just a step away from the right answer.

Regardless, where I severely lack Nancy is strong, and vice versa to some degree. (Though, I think Nancy probably has the GRE down much better than I do!) Knowing that now is abundantly helpful, though, especially as we delve further into the lines and pages of our GRE books and practice tests. I can almost assume that if there is something that I don't know, Nancy will know it. And, hopefully, if there is something Nancy doesn't know, I'll know it and be able to help her. Together we'll take this test down, one problem at a time.

As for doing better in the verbal section, well, I assume it will come to fruition in due time. I have the rest of the summer to study and I'm confident that all I can do is improve.


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