Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scorching 90+ degrees, the aberrant arid atmosphere has deviated from the rain-drenched days just weeks ago. Temperatures like this are beyond what I'm used to, especially since I'm usually in Germany from this point on until August. Honestly, I can't complain. It's hellaciously hot, but it's nice. The sky is clear or semi-cloudy and it feels good to be outside as long as you are not out for too long. If I were in Germany this summer I don't think that there would be a week equal to this! On the contrary, I'd expect rain. It's also the reason I only have one pair of shorts. In Germany shorts aren't a dire necessity. In fact, most Germans rarely wear them. So if and when you wear them over there, the Germans instantly know you're American. That is, of course, if your big SUV or van hasn't already given you away.

Perhaps I would be agitated by the weather if I wasn't in my cool office most of the day. Ah, the joy of air conditioning! As you may or may not know, most German houses (most European houses, actually) don't have air conditioning. So, I'm not missing that too much. I am, however, missing my family. It is kind of strange to not go back to Germany this summer, especially when it's become so routine for me. I always look forward to flying back, to seeing my family, our crazy dog, and enjoying Germany. This summer is as different though. Not only has the weather been an aberration, but so have many other things:

I have two jobs this summer. Last summer I didn't have one. Of course, I joked with my parents that it was my way of making up for the one job I didn't have when I was back there last year. I think it's better this way, though. Not only do I have two great jobs; I have excellent employers which will foster tremendously fecund work experience that will help me in the future.

I'm studying for the GRE. I've already talked about this too much, but I'd like to point it out here only because I think it shows that I've dedicated myself to going beyond the standard this summer.

I'm near two libraries that actually have material that will help me write my speeches well for debate. Interestingly, I'm not doing debate in the fall, but I am doing speech. Now my spare time is split between the GRE and speeches.

I'm exercising more. Not only have I been doing morning and evening Yoga (which will expand upon receiving Yoga Shakti and Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga), I'm running and trying to build some abdominal muscles. Personally I have to add that yoga has been brilliantly refreshing. The morning yoga wakes up my body and my mind in preparation for whatever the day throws my way; the evening yoga allows me to sleep better and relax more. Of course, I've become a little more flexible, but not much. After all, it's only been a week!

While the differences aren't startling, they're a change from the standard summer schedule. I'm busy for sure, but I'm enjoying it so far. As long as I continue to balance everything out things should continue to go well. If not, well, maybe a sunburn is what I need?


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