Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ASU Clock Up Close -- Lomo Style
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The tournament went well, but I have to admit that it was one of the more difficult debate tournaments I've been to in my debate career. I only broke in one speech event, and I got 6th place in it. That's damn good considering the stiff competition, though. Other than that, our team took first in overall sweepstakes. Again, a difficult task, since it only came from our individual speech event breaks. Yeah, that's right, no one on the team broke in debate. Though, debate down there kind of sucked anyway. The long running joke (or truth, depending on what you think of the situation) from this tournament was Speechalia (the Speech Goddess) shunning the team. Nancy also kindly pointed out that Pussilia was also shunning me, but I think everyone I know already knew that.

Upon returning, it was like moving from the shallow end of one pool and diving right into the deep end. I didn't have any time for breaks, unfortunately. (I guess that's what this three day weekend will be for, huh?) Instead I instantly started reading, writing, and doing homework. I have my Environmental History term paper proposal due this Friday. I haven't really written any of it yet, but I have a source and a great idea. All I have to say is: "Thank you God! Amy Chua really is a godsend!"

Other than that, on this Valentine's Day Single's Awareness Day I'm working on trying to get Pussilia to open up to me a little. Take her off that damn pedestal. End the shunning. Now, whether that comes to fruition or not is another story.

Until then, at least I can count the days until the big 21. Only 23 days. Rock out.


magnetic_poet said...

Hey Wayne, don't forget that Pornalia is always there for you, too :-P Just don't forget she's a dirty whore, though. BTW, I e-mailed you a link for the poem I found on nerd porn. It's great! I hope you can find a way to use it next season.

Thister said...

LMAO! Yes, Pornalia! She's my personal favorite right now, unfortunately. Hahah!

Rock out! I got the link. ;) Thanks Nancy! Huzzah!

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