Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is totally random, but it's been annoying me this whole week. I can't get my left eye to stop twitching. I thought with adequate sleep and relaxation it would go away, but to no avail. Instead, it seems, it has entered ultra "let me fuck with your face" spasm-mode.

Any remedies? Ideas?


carebear said...

hey you...just was wondering if you were still going to look into that cultural anthropology summer class for me..thanks

Thister said...

Hey, yeah! I will do that and get back to you ;)

I've been uber busy lately, but hopefully things will ligthen up a bit soon.

bardot said...

ugh- i hate when that happens!

i usually just put pressure on it (like my finger). it works sometimes, but it's not very pleasing.

maybe those eye pillows thingys???

Thister said...

Hmm. I'll try that out. I honestly have no idea why it's spazing out though. Maybe I should do some research first and then see if there are any remedies. was no help when I last looked, though.

Thister said...

Well, it says fatigue, stress, or caffeine are the culprits. Unfortunately for me, I have been subject to all three lately. So, the twitches will probably last longer than I thought they would.

The best remedy, then, seems to be vacation with lots of sleep. Now, if only Spring Break could get here sooner.

carebear said...

i was awake, i promise..i was out in the hall with my friend who overdosed on cold medicine today...sorry i was sooo awake and waiting..and now bed sounds good...tomm talk, yes..ok i will be here waiting..i promise!

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