Thursday, February 23, 2006

The tests weren't so bad. Yeah. Big shocker! I think the stress of studying for them both when they seemed so heavy a task is what got to me the most. I mean, they were a bit of challenge, but nothing that I know I could not handle. Maybe I'm just insecure with my intelligence?

The truth is that while working on things in general this semester stress has been nagging at me incessantly. It's always there, but before big projects or assignments or tests is when I feel it burn the most. Pre-performance jitters? Hardly (and let's not go into any extensions or connotations off that! I know what you're thinking!) Though, I have been told that I should try Zen Breathing, Yoga, and some...other ways...of relieving stress. I know, however, that it has more to do with how I've constructed this semester in my mind. I've told myself that it is hard and that it is all upper-division; that I have to be serious and not screw around; that I have to be devoted mainly to my studies. And, yeah, I'm right in thinking that, except that it's not entirely accurate. This semester, the classes I picked and the way they are, only have as much power over me as I let them. If I know I am capable and intelligent enough, then none of this should be a problem good or bad across the board. It's about movement and momentum. I can't stop the movement, but I can put in the momentum with as much potential as possible and achieve great things. There is no question about that, and that's exactly what I need to keep in mind.


magnetic_poet said...

Hey, and think of this: after your birthday you'll have a NEW (well, "legal" anyway) way of relieving stress :-)

Thister said...

Hahah! Indeed, indeed! :)

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