Thursday, February 23, 2006

Since my first semester in college I've come to the conclusion that midterms are the trial time period where your test determine whether or not you'll continue the class for the rest of the semester or withdraw and receive a "W." While I have never withdrawn from a class this late in the game, I have found myself wondering if I should withdraw from a certain class. I could, but then I'd either have to retake it or just leave it as a "W."

I think the stress of the tests is just getting to me, though. I feel confident that I'll do fairly well, I just don't know how good that "well" will be. While studying last night I had Vivaldi on repeat because I've been informed that his music has been proven to help increase memorization. I certainly hope that's the case for me! I've had a hard time memorizing dates and key aspects for my Southeast Asian History class. Regardless, I'm going to jump into these two tests today and see where they take me. If all else fails, well, that's what the fail-safe of a "W" is for.


Bree said...

I'll burn you a copy of The Four, sometime after the next week. If you get sick of Winter, songs from the Baroque Period are supposed to help with memory retention as well. :)

Good luck!

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