Thursday, February 16, 2006

There's this girl in one of my history classes whom I've seen around campus a lot lately. Now, I don't think she's stalking me (and, no, I'm not stalking her!). We just happen to catch each other going the other way every now and then. And, maybe it's just me, but every time I see her she always looks at me and starts smiling. I start smiling too, of course. She's cute and I know she's smart from what I've seen in our history class together. 
The catch?

I don't know her name or who she is exactly. All I know is that she's friends with another girl who I knew from freshmen year back in the "dorm days." That still doesn't help me though. As of right now she's only "eye candy" status, which, if you've been counting along with me, is just about every cute smart girl I know. Which, again, doesn't get me anywhere. I keep hoping that we'll talk to each other in history class or something, but I don't know if that will happen.
I know you're probably thinking: Jeez! You are totally a lame wussy nerd. And you're right, I am. That's why I pulled off the wussyboy manifesto so well last year! Seriously, though, I don't know how to approach the situation while trying to further it.

And maybe that's just it. Maybe she's just meant to be "eye candy" to me. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. Still, I can't deny that I wish it were more. Woe is being a wussyboy!


Zucchini said...


I had that kind of thing going on during high school (in TX)... I don't remember the guy being particularly cute, tho. I didn't know him at all, ha ha.

I have no eye candy. =( And whenever I go to WPI it's like Ugly Geek/Nerd Central. =(

P.S. You are not an Ugly Geek/Nerd. :)

P.P.S. My word verification is "rutfut." I find that funny.

Thister said...

LOL! Yes, you are totally eye candy! Eye candy for Jeff.

Yeah, I know. I'm lame. This is why I'm going to be single forever. Maybe those things we joked about in the future will actually come true. I'll have my own little house or whatever and you can come over and spruce it up. Or, maybe, you could introduce me to one of your hot roommates. Think about it! *grins*

Thanks! I was hoping I wasn't an ugly geek/nerd. Hahaha!

magnetic_poet said...

Wayne, you're NOT going to be single forever. Geez! You're not even 21 yet. Just so you know, it's not just you who can't get a woman. Glenn's friends have a theory about the girl-to-guy ratio in Idaho. The theory is this: it rocks for me and sucks for you! That's right, Glenn has a TON of single guy friends and all of them agree that there are WAY more single guys around here than single women. Glenn assures me that in his days as a swingin' single in Oklahoma it was the exact opposite. The solution, then? Move to Oklahoma! Hahaha, just kidding. We wouldn't want to lose our Wayney to the wilds of OKC. But seriously, I've noticed it too. Last week I went out with Glenn and his brother and we met some of their friends at the bar. Guess what? I was the ONLY (ONLY!) girl in the group! I was hanging out with like 5 or 6 guys and I was the token female. And it's not like these guys are ug-os, or anything. They're nice, normal guys, just like you. They're just (and you're just) at the wrong end of a gender imbalance.

Wow, that's a long post. Sorry :-P

Thister said...

Wow! Well, I guess I never noticed the ratio before. You're right, now that I think about it though. I mean, most of the guys I know are single too. I guess it's time for me to get out of this sausage fest and move to OKC! No. No. Just kidding. I could move to the Netherlands/Holland and find some a price. Haha! Again, not really an option.

Heh! I know it's not a big deal and I know I will NOT big single forever. In fact, it's probably better that I am single this semester with all the crazy studying and reading I have been subjected to. However, part of me wants to be dating, not really in a relationship. Just dating. It doesn't really matter though, there is still time. Plus, if I get to know the eye candy girl (Lori) more, maybe things will work out. Maybe not. It not going to be adverse either way, so I'm not worried.

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