Thursday, November 10, 2005

I wish I had something more interesting to write about, but things have been mellow lately. Classes are good and everything seems to be winding down as Thanksgiving break is on the horizon in a week.

Our last tournament of the semester is this weekend, possibly my last tournament for this academic year (pending some much needed downtime to think about everything). After all, when I finally was able to think about everything without freaking out I came to the realization that it was the center of all my stress. So some time away from speech and debate will be very welcomed.

The nerd in me wants to get Dragon Quest VIII because that's what the nerd in me does--play video games. From what I've read, this is supposed to be the biggest game on the PS2 for the end of this year. Should be interesting. Apparently it's so big in Japan that they release the game in segments so no one can pirate it as rapidly.

Aeon Flux looks awesome. Though, I have to say that Charlize Theron looks strikingly similar to Trinity from The Matrix. It looks bad ass though. Sci-fi and high tech, my kind of movie. I wonder how similar, if at all, it will be to the original cartoon that was on MTV. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire comes out next weekend, which I'm entirely sure they butchered the hell out of in comparison to the book. But hey, I already have reserve tickets and I'm going with my fellow nerds. After which we will theorize about what else is to come in the final tome.

And, finally, I've been meaning to update this template as I usually do every month. However, I haven't found a song that really strikes me. So, the template will stay like this until I do.


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