Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tales of an Enlightened Fellow is a photo blog consisting of photos largely from the Czech Republic. I stumbled upon the blog while blog-hopping as I tend to do every now and then. Seeing the pictures of Prague immediately captured my eyes and instantly took me back to the my numerous visits there. It's such an amazing place. In my opinion, Prague and most of the Czech Republic is a real hidden beauty among Europe. Most people think that Paris, Berlin, Rome, Vatican City, and England are these beautiful and excellent places, but they really pale in comparison to the scenic beauty of Prague. It has a fusion of old Europe and new Europe that meshes together against a backdrop full of shades of green. It seems subtly beautiful at first, but when you're in the downtown area there is so much culture and life. Oh how I long to return again in the near future.


An Enlightened Fellow said...

Hey, thanks for the writeup. When I have more time, I'll check out your blog a little more. Make sure you get into all the archives on my site, as most of my better photos were posted in February, March, and April of 2005.

Thister said...

Oh I will! I was so impressed with the first couple of shots. You have a talent!

Heh! You don't have to check my blog out. There isn't too much here. Like I said, I've visited Prague and Karlovary numerous times as my parents are stationed in Germany. The last time I was in the Czech Republic was two summers ago. I have my pictures here somewhere. I'll upload them onto flickr since I don't have them there yet.

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