Monday, November 28, 2005

Earlier today I had the joy of playing phone tag in order to get things set up and scheduled. When you take a week away from the world and relax unfortunately the world doesn't break with you. Needless to say, I got things in order after being on the phone for the grand total time of an hour. Reasonably so, I guess, since I had five appointments/items to take care of.

The most interesting one, though, was the one with my travel reservations. I've been calling travel reservations for the past week and a half and only now did they just get things fixed up. My return flight from Germany to here at breaks end was originally very messed up. In order for it to have worked, I would have had to time travel. Which, of course, would not do since I'm not John Titor...nor am I fake like Mr. Titor. Haha! But that's besides the point. While I was waiting on the line during the 27 minute phone call, I noticed that every time I said "OK" they agent would reply "Thank You" or "Thank You VERY much" just to spice things up a bit. Originally I thought it was just a common courtesy thing, but she always said it after I said "OK," even when it was just to say "Ok, I get you." While it was pleasant, it was kind of strange. I don't think I've ever heard that many "thank yous" in one single conversation ever. Well, except for those lame soapbox thank yous that stars give when they get their awards. I guess it's just interesting to me that customer service practically demands that you be robotic in replies. Either that or the agent just felt it was necessary. Either way, it was good, just strange.

On an even MORE random note, I've been listening to Tristan Prettyman lately thanks to Lacey's CD collection on the road trip. Tristan Prettyman's "twentythree" is an awesome album. I especially like "Love, Love, Love" and her duet with Jason Mraz, "Shy That Way." If you like up-beat mellow semi-folk alternative pop-rock (yeah, that's quite a mix of descriptions there!), you should check her out.


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