Saturday, November 05, 2005

[Background: My Western World Literature class, discussing Lysistrata and it's cross-implications today. Our Professor asked our class what would have happened if a woman would've been president instead of a man on 911. Earlier during the discussion I pointed out that we should look at it from a Communication standpoint primarily, then a situational standpoint. Most people, however, debated otherwise.]

50 Year Old Woman: Well, I personally think that had a woman been president in light of 911 she would've done things differently. For starters, she probably would've thought things through and discussed things with her cabinet. Now, her cabinet would probably be full of women, or mostly women, and I think they'd sit down and discuss everything before taking action.
Me: (leaning over to Brianna, my friend behind me in class)Yeah, it'd be just like "The View," only now they'd try to discuss politics along with shoes, hair, cosmetics, and sex! Could you imagine?
Brianna: (laughs loudly) Oh my god, that's hilarious! They can barely function as it is!
Me: I know! They'd be like, "I think Tony Blair actually has more makeup on him than I do!" "Me too! But, oh my god, did YOU see what he was wearing during our meeting?" Blah, blah, blah.
Brianna: Yeah! Just imagine if there was a "Monica-gate Scandal" again?
Me: Now that'd be interesting.
Brianna: Yeah it would!
Me: Well, I mean it would be interesting if it was woman on woman action.
Brianna: Oh jeez! (laughs) Yeah, well if a certain somebody was in office we just might see that.
Me: Well, rumor has it that she has a penis.
Brianna: Would that be "girl-on-girl" action then?
Me: Hmm. From the waist up, yes; from below, no.


Mandi said...

Just a random comment....I found your blog on Misty's site....can you PLEASE tell me what EMO means???

Thister said...

Of course! EMO is short for EMOtional. Recently it has become the "label" for music that discusses "emotional topics" and usually includes whining, angst, anger, and distrust. While I used to listen to this music religiously, I now listen to it very much less. I'm more of an indie-music fan.

In terms of personal emotions, EMO just means someone who is emotional and/or depressive as it is usually a co-morbid state.

Does that answer your question?

Mandi said...

Yes! Thank you soooo much, been trying to figure out what the hell my sister was talking about!

Thister said...

LOL! Yeah, it's quite the crazy/weird sub-construct, I'll admit.

Mandi said...

WEll thanks for clearing that up for me....glad someone is in the loop!

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