Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Break was a blast! There is no other way to describe it, honestly. It embodied everything a good break should embody. Originally I was going to write a long post about everything, but most of it can be seen in my pictures (slideshow) on flickr. When Lacey uploads her pictures you can see the other half of the trip too. If you are counted as a friend of mine on flickr you will be able to see more pictures, by the way.

It was great to visit with Chace again after not seeing him for two years. It was also good to finally meet Sasha, his girlfriend of a year and a half. Hanging out with both of them awesome. We had such an amazing time. Thinking back to it makes me smile and laugh at all the random, but hella' fun things we all did together.

Victor and the Tetons were amazing too! I've never seen such a naturally beautiful place in my life. Everything was so scenic! Plus, it was very relaxing and calming. There was no stress at all over break. Seeing the tetons and looking down at the valley made me realize the grandeur and grace of mother nature. Truly amazing.

Check out some of the select pictures below (clickable to my flickr account) or click the link above to look at the slideshow and see all of the pictures.

The Snake River

Register Rock

The Tree In The Rock

My Shoes and the Grass

Chace Trying To


In The

The Tetons, Again

A Shot Of The Valley

Lacey, Me, and The Tetons

Natural Tetons

Carshot of The Snow-capped Mountains


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Dude, I just thought you should know: You have been officially voted the best blogger ever. You're a GOD!


Thister said...

HAHAH! Thanks dude! I do what I can ;)

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