Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I am Satan, hear me roar!The cover of the November 6th-13th 2004 Economist is by far the most satanic picture of one Mr. George W. Bush, our president for the next four years.

On the positive side, though, Attorney General John Ashcroft resigned. I know that Ashcroft has been good for America, but he just freaks me out in general. I wonder which evangelical right-winged neo-conservative Bush will put in his place?

Gotta' love Bush and his Democracy...or should I say Plutocracy.


Bree said...

Boo yah on the post, man...Dubya looks like the proverbial cat that ate the canary. He just looks pleased as punch he got the majority vote of...what was the final number? 51%? mmmmmmkay.

Plutocracy RULES! I am reminded of a line from Star Wars: Episode II (hey, it was better than Episode I) when Anakin is talking with Amidala about how democracy is slow and inefficent. "there should just be one person in power, you know to get the job done."

Indeed. :P Thanks for the post. I <3 political intrigue!!

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