Sunday, July 03, 2005

I just found one of the most interesting blogs ever...


chace said...

does it top the cracked out lesbian hoe of a girl Adriana's?

Wayne, you should make me a blog template.

Thister said...

No, but it does talk about things that I never thought about. It's so interesting and so dark at the same time.

Should? Is that a request?

chace said...

yes :]

Brad said...

Two things, is there supposed to be a link and I'm just too techno retarded to find it? and Whaaaat? Adraiana has a blog covering her zany rack-whore exploits?

Thister said...

No, I didn't post it for a reason. I don't think it deserves mass publicity. It's a strange and dark site that's hauntingly interesting. Be fore warned that some of the images on there may not be to your liking.

Here is the link:


And yes, Adriana actually has a "blog" but it's on her myspace account. If you have an account like CHACE does, you can check out all of her pictures and blog entries. I will not provide the link, but her name isn't hard to find if you type the right things and look in the right places.

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