Monday, July 18, 2005

After taking a "short break" to finish Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (Yes, finished in two days!), I've resumed my research and typing for my speeches this year.

Yes, Bree, I got your letter today! Thanks for helping me out with the speeches! This first one has been a hard as hell to get through. So much for getting it done by the weekend like I planned.

Anyway, I'm going to get back on them so that I can have most (or all) of them done long before the first tournament!


rainydayinmay said...

hey idaho stranger....
ridiculous effort to get this comment box to come up. it's probably a security setting for me...
anyway, i am intrigued. will i sound like a big geek if i ask about speaches and tournament for what???

Bree said...

YAY! I'm glad you got my letter, and I hope it helps with the persuade!

I just finished scrapbooking all of my db8 photos from my sophomore year of college; it took me forEVER, but I'm glad it's done. Now I just need to scrapbook the rest of the year and I'll be up-to-date. I do wish Marty would finish with the CD so I could photobook this year before I forget! LOL.

Did you like the comics? They made me think of you. Also, the packages you had sent to my house have NOT arrived...and since I'll be out of the state (practically) I've warned my dad to keep an eye out for them. So if the JM bracelets get pilfered from the porch, it's NOT MY FAULT. jk

Miss you tons duder...and DON'T post anything about Harry Potter until I finish reading it too! Or just print it in white like you did for Samurai Champloo. Speaking of which, can I borrow that when you get back? I've missed like, three episodes because I've actually been going out on Saturday nights! lol shocker, I know. "Annie, hallelujah, lock and load" :)

Thister said...

Hey Misty,

I know it's going to sound totally nerdcore, but I'm on the speech and debate team at my college. In order to be prepared for the year and not get too bogged down because of classes and their courseload, we try to get our speeches done in the summer. It's basically like having homework over the summer, but I enjoy it (usually).

Thister said...

Yo Bree!

Haha! Those comics were funny! I especially like the Foxtrot one about the "retro" video games. God! Who does that sounds like? NES back in style?!? Shit, bitch! We played Dr. Mario like it was going out of style long after it was ever in! HAHAH! Oh how I miss those days!

I won't post anything about Harry Potter, though, I have to say. I wish there was someone who finished it that I could discuss it with. It was good and I'll say slightly rushed (she didn't spend as much time with descriptions of objects/rooms/etc.), but full of action! Especially in the last five or so chapters (25-30). I won't say anything more, though! I don't want to ruin it for you or anyone else.

Yeah, of course you can borrow my Samurai Champloo ripped DVD's! I need to check with V for some more good anime/manga! I don't have any to watch here anymore and it r t3h boring. Though, I finally got "America (The Book)" yesterday and I've been laughing my ass of at it! I love the praise quote from Ayn Rand on the back: "This is similar to my works in that anyone who reads it is sure to be an asshole for at least a month afterward." I think my friends and fellow classmates who had to read Atlas Shrugged back in Junior/Senior year would totally agree!

And since you probably won't read this until much later, I'll just close in saying that I hope you have fun down in southern Idaho.

rainydayinmay said...

nah... i think its awesome. having gone to a less then desirable school nothing spectacular like debate was offered... sure, once i went to college i could have done it, but by then i was such an ammature so i refrained. i am one hell of an arguer though and words come quickly so i imagine i would have been quite the skilled debater.

Blue said... posting ANYTHING about Harry Potter. I took a break from homework to read it and three chapters... You're right, she doesn't waste any time.

I'm gonna start chapter four...if Colleen gives it to me...

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