Friday, July 08, 2005

This Is Ann
Every day, except weekends (well, actually, some weekends she goes in to do the work that others do not), Ann goes to work for 8 LONG BORING HOURS with an upaid thirty-minute lunch break.
Ann Works.
Ann also works with assholes who, because they have a degree, get paid more but do much less.
..and works.
Ann wants to quit and work on other pursuits, but alas, she cannot. This job, as crappy as it is, pays the bills and helps support her shopping sprees as a means of escapism from work.
One day, Ann plans to quit to fulfill those other pursuits. For now, though, she's stuck dealing with people she can't stand and work she hates.
Poor Ann!


Bree said...


It's even funnier in context! XD Thanks for the laugh.

PS I found a wedding gift, and it's NOT from Home Depot. Though thanks for the suggestion....*cough*

Thister said...

Well thank you! I could turn it into a series if I had more of these things! LOL!

Brad said...

You seriously should make a series out of this. Just find some kid with a bigass tub o' legos and steal it from him. Or whatever those are. What are they anyways?

Thister said...

Haha! Actually, I've thought about making a sereis out of them. They're "The Cubes" from or :P

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