Monday, July 25, 2005

I know it's going to sound incredibly lame and utterly childish, but during my mini-break from blogging and everything else I found Harvest Moon (HM) and started playing my life away. At least, for the last two days.

I don't even know how it happened to be honest. I was working on speeches, researching, typing up a few things, formulating, citing. The basic processes of writing: you name it, I was streaming right along. Grudgingly so, I might add. (Still, I was getting things done.)

Then it happened. I must have stumbled upon it by mistake, by chance? Dare I say fate? (Certainly not! Haha!) I took a break to look at Guild Wars as a potential buy for entertainment and stress relief at college (honestly!), when I ended up looking through various games and found an old favorite.

For those of you not familiar with this game, which I'll take will be almost all of you (out of no fault of your own because it's so nerdy!), it's a Farmer Life Simulation/Strategy game. Nerdy. The main character is a farmer who inherits a farm from his deceased grandfather. With the farm comes responsibilities should you choose to expand the farm and garner a profit. You can farm plants (tomatoes, watermelon, turnips, etc.), ranch animals (cows, chickens, sheep), and much more. It's even a dating simulator. And I'd like to point out right now that that is NOT why I enjoy it so much, contrary to what any of you might think. I'm not desperate for that kind of love! Anyway, back to dating. In all Harvest Moon games you have a slew of potential wives (or in the two female versions that have only been released in Japan, husbands). In the old one I played on the Nintendo 64 you had five to choose from. You have to woo them by giving them gifts and talking to them, so it's no easy ride. Eventually, after you get married, you can have a kid and continue the legacy.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. It's totally nerdcore, but I think that's why I like it. It's completely different from the collection of RPGs I have.

Regardless, I ended up reading about the new HM that is being released in the US tomorrow and found links off the page that led me to an older version of HM (HM:A Wonderful Life) for the Gamecube. And while I don't own a Gamecube, my sister does. So, after reading up on the game and completely dropping any speech work, I decided I'd buy the game as soon as I could. And I did.

That was Saturday afternoon. It's now Monday evening and, while I haven't been playing the game straight since then, I've played it for hours on end. Only now have I taken an extended break to check up on my e-mails and my blog. I have, of course, showered, eaten meals, and the usual in between that time even though some of you may doubt that!

All I can say is, the break from speeches has been good. I managed to create a farm, fund it, buy cows, bring in money, woo a girl, get married, start a family, and have a kid...all in roughly 8 hours time. Now, if only I could apply those mad skills to my speeches. Shit! I'd be set.


Blue said...

in the words of chandler: woo? why don't we take you back in time to when that word was actually used!

Thister said...

Haha! That's what the manual says, so that's why I typed it. :P

I know. It's lame and uber-nerdy, but it is a fun little lame nerdy escape for me :P

rainydayinmay said...

i like it..... perhaps i should become that type of farmer so atleast then i would have something to show for my hours???

Just had to point out that i too, deeply love the dooce sight. its one of my favorites. i could very well consider making heather my idol, if in fact i needed an idol... (i don't....)

now, a virtual farm on the other hand.....

Thister said...

Misty--Haha! I know, I know! It's so lame and nerdy, really! There is nothing to show per se as it is just a game. I don't know. I guess it was just the right relief for the moment? XD

Yes, I love dooce's site too! Hilarious, witty, and down-right in your face. Her new masthead makes me laugh :)

Zucchini said...

The one where you play as a girl should be coming out soon. Yes! >=D I want to preorder it so I can get the plushie. XD

Thister said...

LOL! It is out now. My sister wants to get it.

See, great minds think alike! We can be nerdy together! :D Miss you, V! By the way, got any good anime or manga recommendations?

Zucchini said...

It's out??! Damn, missed the preorder. I should get it. XD I miss you, too!!!

Oh shit! I knew I forgot something. Haven't checked out the latest stuff, but here's some stuff. Can't remember what you've seen other than FMA and Samurai Champloo. XD *'s you definitely have to see. And no dubs! Or I kill you!

*-Bleach (anime's currently behind the manga but that's good because there aren't stupid fillers. Ichigo is love. Has shinigami. =D)
*-Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu - this is so effing messed up you have to see it. (Deluxe is the 2nd season, Final the third season)
***-Deathnote - manga only, REALLY good, also has shinigami XD
*-Trinity Blood - manga and anime still coming out, both are pretty good, vampires, yay
-One Piece - pirates, devil's fruit... I thought the artwork was so freaking ugly at first but it's grown on me. (Dragonball will forever be the ugliest style of animemation. =( ) Haven't watched too much of the anime but the manga's pretty good.
*-Last Exile - great anime until the end. Stupid Gonzo studio fucked up the ending like they did with Hellsing and some other stuff. But watch it anyway. XD

Girly stuff: (heh)
-Full Moon wo Sagashite - really cute about a little girl with a dream to sing.. also has shinigami XD
*-Kare Kano - manga's better than the anime ('cos the anime stops abruptly)
*-Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - manga's better

Live Action:
-H-2 - I've only seen the first ep but it seems promising? It's about baseball. Hehe.
*-Gokusen - 1st season rocks. Japanese mafias rock. 2nd season is currently being subbed? But it doesn't have any of the original students so that bums me out. :/

Dur, I'll think of some more later.

Dude! I got Slimu's book last week! =D I got a sketch of Mei and IKBOD, hehehehe!

Thister said...

Hey V,

I can't wait to check these animes and mangas out! Sweet! :D I've heard about Bleach before from Athey (the anime artist that you don't like because she draws funky eyes). Shinigami...that's death, right? I hope so. If it is Yaoi/Yuri I may have a hard time getting through it. Har har!

I can't wait to get Slimu's book! :D I ordered a sketch of Ryan because I have a sketch of Zeph and that drawing of Azalea. I think I'll make a collection of it if he keeps doing the "free sketch" deal. :) I also ordered a copy for Lacey and got her a sketch of Zeph. I can't wait to see it though! Is it kewl? I heard he was complaining about the bleed section on a few pages, but that must just be Hans being picky right?

Mei and IKBOD! Haha! Sounds just like you! I swear he modeled her after you even though he doesn't completely know you. Heh! I can't wait for the comic to go on. I like how he's developed Azalea in the last couple of pages though, hopefully she stays this way. I also want to see a page similar to the one with Libelle where she's holding the "wet napkins" that aren't wet napkins for Mei and Xin. :) Hahah!

Zucchini said...

Lol! I wouldn't give you yaoi/yuri without noting it. (Fake is actually a pretty good manga yaoi that isn't explicit or anything, just guy cuddle goodness. Well, more specifically, gay cop trying to turn questioning cop partner gay. It's the only yaoi I've read! Because a friend recommended it. I swear! XD ) And yup, shinigami = death gods.

And yes! The book is awesome! Although I think Mei is modeled after Tina, who was his gf for a while. From what little I've read about her she seems crazy, too. =D

And yes! The "napkins"!

Thister said...

LOL! I had to check. As you'll recall, my Japanese isn't so good because of the douche bag professor I had for the last year. :P

That remind me, do you want to create a blog where you and I just talk in Japanese? That way I could improve my skills and you could help me out since you're going on with Japanese and I can't here? Just a thought :P

Sweet! I can't wait to see the book. Haha! Well, if and when I make my epic web-comic, I'll model a character after you. :) LOL!

LOL! I re-read the old DoD just to see those pages. Hahah! How lame am I?

Zucchini said...

Ooooh, a Nihongo blog. Sounds cool. =D I'm up for it!

Oh oh! My character soooo would have a mini panda following me around, but that girl in the FMA manga already has it. :/ But maybe you can do it anyway. XD

Thister said...

LOL! A panda to follow you around! ;) That's funny!! I could work that, I think. It might look like a panda-dog mix though XD

I created the Nihongo blog and sent you an invitation at yahoo. :) Thanks again!

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