Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In addition to all the things listed in the previous post, I now know that God wishes my life to be transcribed by Lemony Snicket. Here what else happened:

  • I finally was able to check out a camera on Monday only to find out that all the lavelire microphones had been checked out. Not only would my interview not be the style it was intended, but now I was forced to use a microphone that picked up more sound than I needed it to.
  • While trying to get to Nancy's to conduct the re-shoot of the interview, I loaded my car trunk with all the crazy equipment and got ready to leave. As I opened my car door and started the ignition, I heard a small metallic click/crunch sound. Trying to relax, I turned on my interior car light and realized, by the mercy of the heavenly father, that my car key had broken in two. After shooting "FSCK'N HOLY HELL!" at the top of my lungs, I took a deep breath and moved on.
  • I finally conducted the interview thanks to Nancy the wonderful magnificent amazing goddess (Seriously, THANK YOU NANCY!) and found out that my brother doesn't know where my spare key to my car is. So, that's another issue down the road to look forward to. (Pun totally not intended.)

On the plus side, though:

  • My video production professor gave me until Friday to turn in my project without it being deducted.
  • Nancy has been more then helpful in the process of the interview and she never once complained to me. She even gave me a beer for all my trouble!
  • I have extra time, so to speak, to edit.
  • My broken car key is an obvious sign that God does, in fact, want me to live. Moreover, God does not want me to drive full speed into an underpass column (I wasn't serious! Jeez!). Thanks God! I've noted this and taken your advice to heart and to my wallet.

All in all, though, I still feel like my life is being narrated by Lemony Snickett. It's almost like Stranger Than Fiction, except it's not really funny at all.


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