Sunday, October 29, 2006

I've recently come to the conclusion that God wishes for my utter demise. Here's why:

  • My video production interview assignment went well until I realized that the lavaliere microphone battery died midway through the interview. While Nancy did a steallar interview, almost none of the footage I had could be used entirely. Moreover, I didn't know that the battery for the microphone was dying while recording or else I could've fixed it with the spare battery. Instead I found this complication out during the editing process at which time I could be heard screaming extremities in a pseudo-Touretts rage.
  • To remedy the problem above, I decided to re-shoot the video. I signed up to check out a camera and a microphone that worked for this Saturday. However, the equipment check out hours are different on Saturday, so I didn't get to pick up my equipment. I phoned someone who could help me and got a meeting setup to pick up the camera today (Sunday). However, as per usual in this class (and in my life at the moment), the camera I had signed up for had been checked out to someone else.
  • To make matters more interesting, I am only going to be able to film the interview at night during this week. However, because I have night classes, it's going to be hard to slip by and get the interview done.
  • Additionally, I still have to edit the video. This process usually takes 4-10 hours for a 5-10 minute clip. So I have much more to do still and much more that could, and likely will, go wrong.
  • I've e-mailed my professor and, chances are, he won't take sympathy on my situation. Which means my overall grade for the assignment will drop for each day it is late. Great!

Honestly, if I wasn't relaxed about these happenings I think I would've driven my car into the nearest underpass column at full force. It amazes me how I could be so unfortunate with this class when I am trying to do everything right. I could understand all of this if I wasn't trying so hard to finish it; but, because I am, I am baffled by this situation. My only hope now is that God takes mercy on me and lets me get my work done quickly and effectively or that my impending demise comes quickly. Either will work well.


RockSteady said...

Oh, c'mon. God doesn't hate you. Things could be so much worse. Just to put things into perspective, think about the poor orphan kid that was sitting right next to Zahara Jolie-Pitt when she got adopted. Talk about unlucky!! Imagine how bad that kid feels.

I'm not trying to undermine your feelings, because it does sound like you're having a tough time. But everything will work out. It always does!!

Thister said...

Haha! Well, that is a most unforutnate situation indeed.

True, it isn't the worst thing in the world. Things, of course, could be worse (in so many ways I would rather not detail so as not to jynx myself!). However, the chain of events that have occured certainly make me feel like divine intervention has had it out for me. Either that or I'm just VERY unlucky right now. OR, and this is highly speculative, my ex-girlfriend's voodoo doll is totally working and kicking my ass!

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