Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sometimes little issues explode beyond their perceived encasing, erupting into psychological exhaustions that literally suck the life out of you. This weekend was one of those times when the aforementioned occurred. However, I decided to keep a list of things that went well to remind myself that things "always work out the way they're meant to be."

  • Regan and I planned our first date
  • Got paid and saved some of my money for my traveling fund (to San Diego!)
  • Katy and I represented "Team Extreme" at the University convention
  • Hillary called me and we talked about her happenings in Utah
  • Learned about a new (but old) cookbook called "The Breads of France and How To Make Them"
  • Found a new beer to enjoy (Ace)
  • Finished Video Production video and it turned out well (not the way I had planned it to, but I like what happened instead)
  • The coffee was delicious and the scone was fresh
  • The leaves continued changing colors and simply blew away in the wind


stephanie said...

I am now a proud addicted starbucks customer. your coffee comment reminded me.

ps my tests came back negative

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