Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sandra Lee, you so naughty! Your Halloween episode was smoke'n hot, and not because of the sweets you were making. I'd give you a treat if you'd be my trick. Hahaha!


Bree said...

Sheesh, you sound like that guy from my dorm junior year! LOL I'll never forget when he was watching TV and this beautiful woman came on an advertisement and he's all "Oh yeah, I'd let her **** my ****." Thanks, Kevin. Maybe the professional model on the lotion ad would pay attention to you if you WASHED your FEET once a year and STOPPED being such a douchebag (capital D, capitol C. lol).

Ah the good ol' days of dorm dwelling. NEVER AGAIN

At least you were punny. Well done. XD

Thister said...

Hahah! I was just being witty. That's what happens when you are loney and have noone around. :P

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