Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now that I am hooked up with Netflix and loving it, I was wondering what other movies I should check out. I've been on a constant rental stream of Six Feet Under (SFU), but I haven't seen any movies that have jumped out at me. I can rent two movies at a time, so I am open to suggestions. Do you have any ideas? Any movies that you think are "must see"? Let me know. I'm open to almost any movie and I'm interested in seeing something entertaining aside from SFU and Firefly (Well, come on, you had to know that I was watching that too! Inara and Kaylee. Mmmm!)


RockSteady said...

Rent Wonderland. That movie kicked ass.

Thister said...

Isn't that with Johnny Depp? I'll check it out.

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