Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lately I've noticed that I've been saying "You're good to go" an awful lot. While the phrase does, indeed, work to describe countless situations, I'm starting the think that I sound like a broken record for Taco Bell. I've also noticed that I say "We'll see" and "interesting" too much. So, from this day forth, I plan to banish these nuanced phrases from my vocabulary. I'm not sure what I'll exchange them with, but I think almost anything is better than sounding like an advertisement.

On the flipside, I think everyone should start using the phrase "emo-depresso." My friend Chace coined this term, I believe. It's used as an adjective to describe someone who is being overly emotional and depressive; or to describe someone who is listening to way too much EMO music and, as a result, is depressive.

For example:
Jane, quit being emo-depresso! It's only mouth herpes. OR
Well it's no wonder you're feeling so emo-depresso, Jacob. You've been listening to way too much Bright Eyes and Dashboard Confessional.

***NOTE: "Emo-depresso" is not a Starbucks drink consisting of emotional decaffeinated espresso. However, if it was it would be cold, black, bitter, and filled with tears of anguish. No whip cream. No sprinkles. No joy.***

I also think everyone should use the word "skiff." From what I can tell "skiff" is used to describe a small film or layer of something. For example, "The ground was covered by a thin skiff of snow." I don't know. I think it sounds unique. It's certainly easier than the GRE words I was using a while ago. Heh!


Anonymous said...

I think what you say makes you who you shouldn't change that.
And YES, The Prestige was amazing. I highly recommend going to see it.

Bree said...


Why can I quote something when I can't remember what it's from??

Family Guy. That's right. SMRT. XD

Anonymous said...

emo-depresso like whoa...

a lot of folks think im this sad little sap due to content of my drawings - but it couldn't be further from the truth!

ps, thanks for czeching my blog - ive bookmarked yours for future ref.



Thister said...

Becky - I agree with you. Still, don't you think that there are some words you use too much? I'm probably just being overly critical of myself, but I think I need to drop those words or use them less.
As for The Prestige, sweet! I am planning on checking it out one of these weekends.

Bree - Yes. Family guy! Haha! Stewie=Chace.

Ryan - No prob. You've got a fun and unique blog. I think I'm going to start drawing with my Wacom tablet and posting various happenings during the week. I could use the outlet. By the way, I didn't think your work was emo-depresso.

pat said...

skiff = small boat


Thister said...

Ah, another definition for the same term. That's kewl. I like skiff.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah emo-depresso! That was me ;)

Thister said...

Haha! Indeed, indeed. Dude, we need to talk sometime. Have I got stories for you!

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