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In addition to all the things listed in the previous post, I now know that God wishes my life to be transcribed by Lemony Snicket. Here what else happened:

  • I finally was able to check out a camera on Monday only to find out that all the lavelire microphones had been checked out. Not only would my interview not be the style it was intended, but now I was forced to use a microphone that picked up more sound than I needed it to.
  • While trying to get to Nancy's to conduct the re-shoot of the interview, I loaded my car trunk with all the crazy equipment and got ready to leave. As I opened my car door and started the ignition, I heard a small metallic click/crunch sound. Trying to relax, I turned on my interior car light and realized, by the mercy of the heavenly father, that my car key had broken in two. After shooting "FSCK'N HOLY HELL!" at the top of my lungs, I took a deep breath and moved on.
  • I finally conducted the interview thanks to Nancy the wonderful magnificent amazing goddess (Seriously, THANK YOU NANCY!) and found out that my brother doesn't know where my spare key to my car is. So, that's another issue down the road to look forward to. (Pun totally not intended.)

On the plus side, though:

  • My video production professor gave me until Friday to turn in my project without it being deducted.
  • Nancy has been more then helpful in the process of the interview and she never once complained to me. She even gave me a beer for all my trouble!
  • I have extra time, so to speak, to edit.
  • My broken car key is an obvious sign that God does, in fact, want me to live. Moreover, God does not want me to drive full speed into an underpass column (I wasn't serious! Jeez!). Thanks God! I've noted this and taken your advice to heart and to my wallet.

All in all, though, I still feel like my life is being narrated by Lemony Snickett. It's almost like Stranger Than Fiction, except it's not really funny at all.

2 comments Sunday, October 29, 2006

I've recently come to the conclusion that God wishes for my utter demise. Here's why:

  • My video production interview assignment went well until I realized that the lavaliere microphone battery died midway through the interview. While Nancy did a steallar interview, almost none of the footage I had could be used entirely. Moreover, I didn't know that the battery for the microphone was dying while recording or else I could've fixed it with the spare battery. Instead I found this complication out during the editing process at which time I could be heard screaming extremities in a pseudo-Touretts rage.
  • To remedy the problem above, I decided to re-shoot the video. I signed up to check out a camera and a microphone that worked for this Saturday. However, the equipment check out hours are different on Saturday, so I didn't get to pick up my equipment. I phoned someone who could help me and got a meeting setup to pick up the camera today (Sunday). However, as per usual in this class (and in my life at the moment), the camera I had signed up for had been checked out to someone else.
  • To make matters more interesting, I am only going to be able to film the interview at night during this week. However, because I have night classes, it's going to be hard to slip by and get the interview done.
  • Additionally, I still have to edit the video. This process usually takes 4-10 hours for a 5-10 minute clip. So I have much more to do still and much more that could, and likely will, go wrong.
  • I've e-mailed my professor and, chances are, he won't take sympathy on my situation. Which means my overall grade for the assignment will drop for each day it is late. Great!

Honestly, if I wasn't relaxed about these happenings I think I would've driven my car into the nearest underpass column at full force. It amazes me how I could be so unfortunate with this class when I am trying to do everything right. I could understand all of this if I wasn't trying so hard to finish it; but, because I am, I am baffled by this situation. My only hope now is that God takes mercy on me and lets me get my work done quickly and effectively or that my impending demise comes quickly. Either will work well.

3 comments Saturday, October 28, 2006

I thought a change of scenery was necessary. Though I realize changing my window's view does not add a new perspective, it certainly looks fsck'n awesome!

By the way, I've decided that I'm going to stick with my wicked rad blog here on blogger as opposed to using VOX. The cross-posting was kind of annoying, but the private/public features on VOX were nice. It's a shame I can't implement them on here. (Hey blogger, there's an idea for innovation!)

Anyway, Wake Up! You've got a lot of things to do. Wake Up! The sun is rising without you. Rock out and check out this comic (which partially inspired the change of scenery).

2 comments Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sandra Lee, you so naughty! Your Halloween episode was smoke'n hot, and not because of the sweets you were making. I'd give you a treat if you'd be my trick. Hahaha!

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Every year I complete an emissions test because it is required by law, and every year I donate 15 dollars to the state so they don't impound my car. I don't mind the ten minutes it takes to get the test, but sometimes it seems pointless. For the last three years my car has passed the test with ease, so I find it somewhat monotonous to keep testing for carbons.

Today changed my perception, though. As I drove up to the emission mobile to have my car tested, the guy who has tested my car for the last three tests didn't step out. Now, it's not like I expect him to give me alacritous service; but I've grown accustomed to seeing him as I pull up with my car. Initially it shocked me to not see him even though I only see him once a year. My mind slightly wondered if perhaps he had quit. However, as I parked the car and walked toward the mobile door, I saw the same elderly gentleman who had tested my car years hence. He was sitting in a fold-able chair in the van slightly slouched over while sleeping. He looked peaceful in his slumber, untouched by the speeding cars that roared by on the street next to his place of work. I somewhat hesitated to wake him out of fear of startling him, so I simply knocked on the van door. The knocking instantly awakened him and he stepped out of the van. I pretended that I hadn't seen him asleep as he greeted me with a warm "Hello sonny!" and quickly went to work by placing the testing apparatus in the hood of the car.

When the test was done he explained my results to me (my car has some crazy low emissions to the point that it's practically eco-friendly!) as he had done years before in the same friendly fashion and then wished me a good weekend. I replied the same to him and drove away.

As my car drove down the road toward my residence I began to think about this man and his life. He was a kind elderly man who seemed to enjoy his job as evidenced by his exclamation when my car passed with such low emissions; but there was something more. He seemed somewhat worn since that last time I saw him, as if life had taken a toll on him. This was obviously reasonable since I hadn't seen him for a year, but even so I thought about him and his life. In his age, I thought, he should be doing more with his life. This man had obviously retired from what he had been doing before, so why was he working this job? Why not travel? Why not go fishing? Why stay around and help people with their cars when there is more to enjoy out of life before it's over?

Perhaps I've been watching too much Six Feet Under, but it appeared to me like this jolly man needed to take a step away from this job and live life while he had enough left to live. Catch the breeze while fishing or take a snooze while watching the sunset in the tropics. Something else, anything else. It's got to be better than being there, even if only for a day. Or, maybe, work keeps him going everyday? I will probably never know his motivations, but I do know that whatever they may be; I hope he is happy and taking in each breath with purpose. After all, you only have so much time to live; make the most of it.

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I bought this hat earlier today, but I'm not sure if I should wear it. I like the style and the color, but I'm not sure it looks good on me. Now, I know it's strange to ask the internet for an opinion, especially since I'm likely to get some strange replies, but I want to know what you think. Should I keep the hat or ditch it?

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Back from a gauntlet of a tournament with something to show, still I feel lackluster about my results. I guess I shouldn't complain. I did well (a first place and two finalist awards) and my debate partner and I kicked ass (made it to quarters again), but I feel like I could've done more. It's hard to descibe in full, but I'm constantly reminded of the impending end as it draws nearer and nearer; yet ever so distant. It's about wanting to make an impact, but wanting to let go with grace. It's a bit of a contridiction and I guess that's where the feeling of uncertainty filters through. It shouldn't matter, but it does.

Aside from that aspect of this weekend, I had a blast hanging out with Regan. We listened to music together in our free time and talked about everything. She introduced me to Sanctus Real (this song, Eloquent, is my favorite from their album, The Face of Love), and I introduced her to Darci Cash and Regina Spektor. Whenever we talked about music we'd always end up talking about how we both can't wait to go to Hellogoodbye in November. Man, I can't wait to be there!

All in all, the ride up was fun; but the ride back was even better. As I sat back in my chair half asleep with Regan leaning up against me in slumber, I realized that not only was everything alright; I was happy here.

It must be different through your eyes because you look at me like it's the first time that you've seen my face.

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New HOT Haircut
Oh, yeah, that's me. I just got a new haircut and I love it. It's fuck'n hot!

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Sometimes little issues explode beyond their perceived encasing, erupting into psychological exhaustions that literally suck the life out of you. This weekend was one of those times when the aforementioned occurred. However, I decided to keep a list of things that went well to remind myself that things "always work out the way they're meant to be."

  • Regan and I planned our first date
  • Got paid and saved some of my money for my traveling fund (to San Diego!)
  • Katy and I represented "Team Extreme" at the University convention
  • Hillary called me and we talked about her happenings in Utah
  • Learned about a new (but old) cookbook called "The Breads of France and How To Make Them"
  • Found a new beer to enjoy (Ace)
  • Finished Video Production video and it turned out well (not the way I had planned it to, but I like what happened instead)
  • The coffee was delicious and the scone was fresh
  • The leaves continued changing colors and simply blew away in the wind

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I've come to the conclusion that video production just isn't my thing. After filming for three hours today, I became highly irascible when I realized I had only recorded about seven minutes of footage. You're probably wondering how is it possible to go around recording and only get seven minutes of footage? All I can say is: set up, transportation, direction, practicing, and then filming.

We drove from a local park to some tall buildings to the top of some hills and I only managed to get a few minutes of footage! It's ridiculous!

And then, to top it all off, the footage I have isn't what I thought it would be. AT. ALL. As a result, I've had to change my original treatment idea of the production. Though, now that I think about it, the original idea wasn't as smart as what I'm doing now in a nervous response to crunch time. Instead of doing an "exotic" film on everything appearing taller or smaller, I'm now doing an "exotic" film about the environment. The original film idea was to have the footage be almost entirely shot from a child's perspective (lower to the ground, positive angle to all encountered objects). However, after obtaining footage that mostly consisted of trees and forests (most of it too short to make something stellar out of), I decided to rework my idea. I'm using most of the footage I obtained today, but the idea behind the movie (and, hopefully, what makes it "exotic") is that it's about our lack of concern for the environment and the "seventh generation." I figure if I can cut the images up, splice in information about trees and the environment, and tie it all in with the wonderful footage of my friend's youngest daughter, it might just work. I have much to edit in the following days, but with a little luck I might be able to pull it all off.

In the meantime I'm trying to remind myself that everything is alright, that it will be alright. But, apparently, I've been so stressed out that others have been noticing. I didn't think it was obvious, but I guess I wear my emotions and uncertainty on my sleeve. At least some good has come out of it. After sensing my uncertainty and nervousness, the rad girl I like said she'd treat me to a break on Sunday where we won't talk about school or debate. We'll just chill and talk about Minus The Bear, Hellogoodbye, Something Corporate, traveling, and anything else not related to our current situations in college.

In some ways everything is, indeed, alright. ;)

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Off In The Distance

An Afternoon Home

As I Stared At My Shoes...

Well Maybe The World Will Look Like This Forever...

You Are Red, Violent Red...

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